I undertake light editing to significant structural editing, which focuses on:

  • typographical and grammatical errors
  • structural issues
  • clarity of message
  • use of a consistent and appropriate authorial tone. 

I work to house styles, when available. 


Work examples: online learning courses, distance learning courses, journal articles, reports, handbooks, promotional materials. 


My work is always well researched. I address the specific target audience and aim to deliver sometimes quite complex concepts in an understandable way. My work has a clear easy-to-navigate structure. 


I work to house styles and can adjust tone for different organisations. 


Work examples: online learning courses, distance learning courses, copy for promotional materials, newsletters, press releases, grant applications. 

Project management

I am an experienced project manager for publishing projects and can take a project from brief to completion. 


My project management skills include managing workloads, internal and external staff associated with a project, external suppliers, and project timeframes and budgets. 


Work examples: online learning courses, distance learning courses, websites, promotional materials, magazines. 

Proof reading

My proof reading is distinct from my editing work, as it focuses more on the overall layout of a publication and whether it conforms to house or brand styles, is aesthetically pleasing and is free of errors. 


Work examples: promotional flyers, magazines, journals, books. 

Author development

I work with publishing houses to develop the writing skills of inexperienced book authors. This includes developing an appropriate tone, working towards a house style and managing project workloads. 

Grant writing

I work with organisations and subject specialists to produce charitable and research grant applications that meet the specified criteria and present the information in a clear and concise manner. This has yielded positive results. 


I am available to consult on style guide development and can undertake publishing efficiency audits and help establish processes.


I am available to deliver workshops or seminars on:

  • developing house styles
  • online publishing standards
  • editing. 
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